We boost energy and eliminate waste.

You immediately know a proper energy supplier when you see one. This is why Elettromeccanica ECC offers the Power industry electromechanical and electronic components from the best brands available on the market, specializing over the years in the supply of products that aim to save energy and produce clean energy.

  • AAVid

    Thermally Conductive Materials, Heat Sinks, Heat Exchangers
  • AVX

    Medium and High Power film capacitors with self-healing technology.
  • Crydom

    Solid State Relays, I/O Modules
  • Eicher

    Resistive nets, power resistors
  • IXYS

    IGBT, MOSFET, Diods, SCR
  • Mitsubishi Electric

    IGBTs Modules, Intelligent Power Supply IPM and MOSFETs Modules
  • Mitsubishi Materials

    Thermistors Thermocouples
  • New England Wire Technologies

    Twisted, litz, multi-conductor, coaxial, audio, custom and super-conductor cables. Insulating protection sheaths for cables that can be used in any type of project, medical tubes
  • Phoenix Contact

    Power and Circular Connectors
  • Song Chuan

    Industrial Cotrol, Power Application, Signal Relay
  • Su'scon

    Miniaturized low-impedance electrolytic capacitors, non-polarized, snap-in, screw fixing.
  • Tianli

    Custom made Terminal Blocks, Fast-on Strips, Strip Connectors
  • USCi

    Schottky Diodes, Jfets, Cascodes, Custom Products