Electronica 2016


The new HD series relays for electric cars will be presented at the Munich fair.

Trezzano s / n, September 5, 2016. Electromeccanica ECC, a leading distributor in the electronic components market, will present itself at the Munich appointment at Electronica 2016 with a new commercial agreement with Song Chuan Precision Co. Ltd.

The strengthening of the collaboration with the Taiwanese giant, world leader in the production of relays, will allow Elettromeccanica ECC to further enhance the distribution of its products.

Electromeccanica ECC will use its participation in the large Munich fair to present the innovative products developed for applications in the electric car industry. Devices for some specific applications will also be presented. In detail:

Model 102. Features:
o Compact miniature size relay for printed circuit board.
o Special high performance design for wiper motor control, sunroof, and window regulator control
o High performance for currents at 20A maximum switching up to 30A.
o Operation at high temperatures up to 125 ° C
or IR-compatible reflow (special version).
o Compliant with RoHS-2011/65 / EU and ELV 2000/53 / CE.

Model 807. Features:

o Micro ISO self-driving relay.
o SPNO and SPDT contact configurations
o Switching NO contacts to 35A with resistive load, NC contacts at 20A with resistive load, 100,000 operations, 23 ° C.
o Operating ambient temperature from -40 ° C to 125 ° C.
o Available with flat cover and cover skirt.
o Resistance or optional diode to suppress transients to the coil.
o Compliant with RoHS 2011/65 / EU and ELV 2000/53 / CE.

Green Energy
Model 510. Features:
o High performance use 54A 277VAC, 50A 400VAC
o DPDM configuration with large distance between contacts, in 2.1 mm or 3.0 mm versions.
o Complies with the European standard IEC 62109-1 for photovoltaic systems.
o Significant energy savings of 50 ~ 55% thanks to the reduction of the holding voltage
o Ideal for photovoltaic power generation systems (solar inverter)
o Complies with the RoHS directive 2011/65 / EU directive.

Model 210. Features
o Miniaturized PCB model for 12A / 14A / 16A currents
o DPDM configuration with contacts between 1.85 and 2.1 mm.
o Complies with the European standard IEC 62109-1 for photovoltaic systems
o Significant energy savings thanks to the reduction of the maintenance voltage of 45 ~ 60% (p.n. 201) 45 ~ 55% (p.n. 210H)
o Ideal for photovoltaic power generation systems (solar inverter)
o Compliant with the RoHS 2011/65 / EU directive.