Human machine interface

Human machine interface

Man or machine? Both, because today we are witnessing a profitable coexistence between machines and human intelligence, the only combination that makes it possible to innovate while respecting all the parties involved and the environment. From home automation to industrial applications, Elettromeccanica ECC offers the most suitable components to make the spaces in which you live even smarter.
  • Apex

    LCD Character and Graphic module. EBTN Display, TFT
  • Clover Display

    LCD e LCM Display, EBTN, TFT
  • Everswitch

    Piezo antinvandal and IP68 switches, buttons and Keypads. No moving elements. Custom products fitting every kind of design. Ultrasound Sensors
  • ITW Switches

    Panel sealed Switches, Snap Action Microswitches, Flexibutton Applications, Vandal Resistant Switches
  • Mitsubishi Electric

    TFT, Glass Bonding, Wide range of use based on temperatures -40 ° C + 85 ° C
  • Onpow

    Switches made in plastic and steel, anti-vandal IP67. Signal lights. DIP Switches
  • Oupiin

    Wire to board and board to board connections, DIN connectors
  • Phoenix Contact

    Power and Circular Connectors
  • Phoenix Contact

    Din Rail Power Supplies and UPS AC/DC and DC/AC Power Supplies Modular Switching Power Supplies
  • Santek

    TFT Display
  • Tianli

    Custom made Terminal Blocks, Fast-on Strips, Strip Connectors
  • Zboe

    Display solutions for whyte goods & Appliance, Ultra Brightness LED Display, Industrial-Grade LED Display
  • Myrra

    Linear 50Hz Transformers, Screwless Terminal Blocks, Wire Protector terminal block, Power Connectors