You need energy to move. Such as the energy that flows through the electromechanical components of Elettromeccanica ECC. The automotive industry needs products with excellent performance under all conditions, because the longing for a drive should never be stopped, like the production process that energizes vehicles and cars.

  • Abatek

    “Input Solution” Silicone Push buttons. Silicone and Poliform keypads
  • Apex

    LCD Character and Graphic module. EBTN Display, TFT
  • Bosch

    Industrial Spark Plugs, DC Motors, Connectors, Automotive Spareparts.
  • Comus

    Reed Switches, Relays, Proximity Sensors, Coto Reed Switches, HG Reed Switches, Tilt Switches , Motion Sensors, Liquid Level, Pressure Sensors, Smart Sensors, Motion Sensors.
  • Everswitch

    Piezo antinvandal and IP68 switches, buttons and Keypads. No moving elements. Custom products fitting every kind of design. Ultrasound Sensors
  • ITW Switches

    Automotive Switches IP67
  • Mitsubishi Electric

    TFT, Glass Bonding, Wide range of use based on temperatures -40 ° C + 85 ° C
  • Neltron

    Wire to board and board to board connections, flat cables, custom connectors and cabling
  • Neltron

    Strip card to card
  • New England Wire Technologies

    Litz Wire
  • NVE

    Proximity Sensors
  • Piher

    Printed Resistors PCB, Thick Film
  • Piher

    Sensor and Controls, Contact Less Resistors.
  • Piher

    Connection Technology, Electronic Housings, Device Connection Technology, Circular connectors, Industrial connectors
  • Santek

    TFT Display
  • Sensolute

    Motion Sensor
  • Song Chuan

    Automotive Relays, Custom Design, ISO TS 16949