Brand Company Catalogue
  AavidKunze: Thermally Conductive Materials Catalogue
   Abatek: “Input Solution” Silicone Push buttons. Silicone and Poliform keypads.
   Aimtec: Modular Switching Power Supplies AC/DC and DC/DC Converter
   Apex: LCD Character and Graphic module. EBTN Display, TFT Catalogo
AVX: Medium and High Power film capacitors with self-healing technology. High_Power Film_Capacitors
Medium_Power Film_Capacitors
  Baran: Piezo antinvandal and IP68 switches, buttons and Keypads. No moving elements. Custom products fitting every kind of design.
Bosch: Electric DC Motors, Automotive relays, fans, liquid pumps, spark igniters, automotice connectors and parts, lambda sensors. Catalogue
       CamdenBoss: Interface Modules & Supports, Enclosures, Potting & Utility Boxes, LED’s and Indicators, U Shell Enclosures. Components
       Clover Display: LCD e LCM Display Brochure
  Logo-Comus-ecc Comus International: Reed Switches, Relays, Proximity Sensors, Coto Reed Switches, HG Reed Switches, Tilt Switches , Motion Sensors, Liquid Level, Pressure Sensors, Smart Sensors, Motion Sensors. Catalogue
   Crouzet Crydom: Solid State Relays, I/O Modules Catalogue
   Eicher: traditional and SMD resistors, resistive nets, power resistors Catalogue
  EOZ: Ultra-resistant Keypad, Antivandal IP67. Seald Switches for High Quality Applications Catalogue
GABOU: Tact switches, waterproof tact switches, multi-directional switch, slide switches and microswitches Catalogue
  Gunther: Reed Switches, Reed Sensors
 Hummel Hummel: PG and metric Cable Glands, made of nickel-plated brass and polyamide. VDE approved and ATEX environments. Enclosures made of polyamide and steel suitable for outdoor applications and harsh environments including ATEX. Catalogue
  ITW Switches: Panel sealed Switches, Snap Action Microswitches, Flexibutton Applications, Vandal Resistant Switches
New H series
  IXIS: MOSFETs, IGBTs and Bipolar Devices
  Mitsubishi:  IGBTs Modules, Intelligent Power Supply IPM and MOSFETs Modules TFT catalogue
Power catalogue
mitsubishi-materials Mistubishi Materials USA: Surge Absorbers, Thermistors, Wi-Fi Antennas Catalogue
  Klemsan: Rail Terminals and Accessories, Din Rails, Marking Systems, Wiring Ducts, Power factor Controller, Monophase Reactive Power Controller, Energy Analizer, Multimeter Automation
  Myrra: PCB Transformes, Electronic Transformers, Selfs, Chokes, Coils, Inductances.

Neltron: wire to board and board to board connections, flat cables, custom connectors and cabling
 NEWT_Logo New England Wire Technologies: Litz Wire, Multi conductor, Insulated Litz Wire, Medical Cable, Braid, Super Conductor, Hybrid Cable, Coaxial Cable, Audio Cable, Winding Wire, Coil Cord, Custom Profile. Catalogue
Logo-NVE NVE: GMR Magnetic Field Sensors. GMR Current Sensors. Insulators. Catalogue
oki-180 Oki: Reed switches. Catalogue
  Onpow: Plastic & Metal Switches Antivandal IP67. Indicators Metal switch
Plastic switch
  Oupiin: wire to board and board to board connections, DIN connectors
  Phoenix Contact:Industrial Connection Technology, Electronic Housings, Device Connection Technology, Circular connectors, Industrial connectors Catalogue
Piher: Custom potentiometers and position contactless sensors. Controls
Schroff-logo Schroff: ARack cabinet 19″ Subrack 19″ Containers for Electronic Applications, Custom Machining.
Sensolute-logo Sensolute: Micro Vibration Sensor Tilt and Vibration Sensor. Catalogue
  Song Chuan: Automotive Relays, Industrial Cotrol, Power Application, Signal Relay
  Su’scon: Miniaturized low-impedance electrolytic capacitors, non-polarized, snap-in, screw fixing.
Logo Tianli Tianli: Fuse Holders, Custom made Terminal Blocks, Fast-on Strips, Strip Connectors Catalogue
logo-unipower Unipower: AC/DC and DC/AC Power Supplies. Catalogue
UnitedSiliconCarbide United Silicon Carbide Inc. Schottky Diodes, Jfets, Cascodes, Custom Products Catalogue
  Vincenc: traditional and SMD type LED, High power LED.
  Xindali: 16-22 mm Switch Buttons, Lights Indicators, Rotary Switches, Electromagnetic Switches. Full range of Control Boxes, Plastic & Metal Cable Glandsl in all sizes. Push button
  ZBOE:  Display solutions for whyte goods & Appliance, Ultra Brightness LED Display, Industrial-Grade LED Display Catalogue